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Will Sonika Vaid become next American Idol?

Sonika Vaid

New York, Feb 26 (UITV)- On this week’s episode of American idol the contestants did their thing on stage for all of America watch, judge and vote from the comfort of their own homes. However, there were a few performances and musicians that stuck out to audience members and judges in particular – like contestant Sonika Vaid.

When Indian American Sonika Vaid, whose parents came to US as kids, sang the Celine Dion classic “I Surrender” on the American Idol stage, she had the audience and the judges moved. The song showed off her powerful and commanding voice as well as her contemporary yet classic singing style.

The song highlighted what a vocal powerhouse Sonika truly could be, while also offering audience a glimpse as to what she would be like as a performer if voted into the top 10.

Sonika beat thousands of applicants to compete on the 15th season of the Fox singing competition for celeb judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr.

Judge Jennifer Lopez gave Vaid a standing ovation at the end of her performance and told Vaid, “I said your voice is from god in the package – it’s true. I don’t think I ever got goosies on my face. The way your voice sits in the music is so out of the world.”

What Vaid can show the judges now is how much she can do with that voice. Can Vaid prove herself worthy in that way and continue to show her sweet, passionate personality in her performances? Only time will tell. If she can get creative and improve with her performance, Vaid could just become America’s final Idol.

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