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Vociferous Vihigaon – Waterfall rappelling in Vihigaon falls

Waterfall rappelling in Vihigaon falls

Rappelling over 120 feet of garrulous waterfall is one of those experiences every adventurous mind longs for! Canyoneering is one of those sports which has become famous all over the world. The Western Ghats have many waterfalls and flowing rivulets which are best suited for water rappelling. Vihigaon falls in Kasara Mumbai is one such nature’s gift to mankind.

It’s a one-of-its kind of adventure that includes rappelling, down-climbing and river tracing in the midst of thick forest.  It’s the best way to overcome Acrophobia – The Fear for Heights! To experience the thrill of suspension at the height of about 100 ft and rappelling along side of water is one of the most incredible adventure experiences.

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