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Tulsi Gabbard Steps down from DNC to endorse Bernie Sanders

Tulsi Gabbard

Washington, March 2 (UITV)- Representative Tulsi Gabbard resigned from her post as vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee on Sunday, in order to support Bernie Sanders in his run for the party’s president nomination.

Tulsi Gabbard was the first Hindu to be selected for the United States Congress. Her resignation comes before Super Tuesday which will be very important in the US Presidential elections later this year.

The resignation comes in the wake of months of escalating tension within the DNC. Gabbard went on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and talked about the country’s future in this presidential election year.

“I think it’s most important for us, as we look at our choices as to who our next commander in chief will be, to reorganize the necessity to have a commander in chief who has foresight, who exercises good judgment,” Gabbard , said on the program.

Gabbard, 34, an Iraq war veteran and now representative for Hawaii, became the fourth member of Congress to endorse Sanders. She elaborated on her decision, by saying it stemmed from Sanders’ cautious foreign policy.

Sanders, a US senator from Vermont, is competing with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination to run for president on November 8. Critics have said the scheduling of the debate have favored Clinton, who is better known than Sanders and is favored to win the nominating contest.

DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in a statement following Gabbard’s resignation, “Congresswoman Gabbard is a role model who embodies the American ideal that anyone can dream big and make the difference. She is also a colleague in congress and a friend, and I look forward to continuing the work alongside her when our party unites behind whoever emerges as our nominee.”


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