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Team bus was the only coach we had: Alvin Kallicharran

Alvin Kallicharran

Pune, March 1 (UITV)- A former West Indies batsman of Indo-Guyanese ethnicity, Alvin Isaac Kallicharran was known for his balance and elegance at the crease.

The 66-year old, who captained a depleted West Indies team on the 1978-79 tour of India, was in Pune to contribute to Blades of Glory museum of Rohan Pate.

Kallicharran has a special connection with India due to his spiritual leanings, as he is a follower of Satya Sai Baba. As he was here in India, he visited Shirdi Sai Mandir with his wife.

Talking about the cricket, the left-handed middle-order batsman said: “My best cricketing moment was representing West indies in my first Test. Getting hundred was a bonus, not the ultimate.” When Kallicharran was asked about T20 format games and younger players making the IPL contract top priority, he said he cannot blame the players for it.

Kallicharran said “I won’t fault players if they want to secure their future,” he said, “I didn’t join the Packer circus because I already had a country contract with Warwickshire. And they told me clearly that if I signed the Packer, they would not renew my contract. Success in cricket was a matter of pride and enjoyment for me. But it was also about adding to my bank balance.”

Kallicharran made his debut in 1972 and burst into the international arena immediately, when he made an unbeaten 100 against the visiting New Zealand side at Guyana in his first Test. He played his last Test in 1981 and is currently living in USA and England, promoting cricket among the youth of the country.

Speaking about the today’s cricket he said: “We have to change with the times. T20 cricket is necessary and all form of cricket can co-exist. But we have to restore the balance between the bat and ball. If we had today’s cricket bats, there would have been a shortage of cricket balls.”

Kallicharran, who wants more financial investment in grassroots cricket, said, “Team bus was the only coach we had.”

He also mentioned how he loves to play on bouncy wickets of Australia and spinners in India.


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