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Tassa drumming-Indian beats invites exploration around the world

Tassa drumming-Indian beats invites exploration around the world

Trinidad and Tobago, Feb 20 (UITV)- A uniquely Indo-Trinidadian form, Tassa drumming invites exploration of how the distinctive nature of the Indian diaspora and its relationship to its ancestral homeland influenced Indo-Caribbean music culture.

Tassa drums are called Dhol nagada in Hindi and this art of music is being practiced in India since ages. And with time, Tessa drumming has grown its name and fame in other countries as well.

Even in the Indo-Caribbean communities like New York, Texas, Canada, Guyana and many more, tassa drumming has proudly been a part of most of the ceremonies.

Tassa drumming is especially associated and marked as the symbol of joy in Hindu weddings, seeking attention in political rallies, Muslim Muharram commemorations, Indo-cultural events, parties and much more. It is played in groups which adds on to the rhythm and thus provides heavy bass.

Today Trinidad is one of the major exponents of this art. In Trinidad and Tobago, annual Tassa drumming competitions are held at the national level which gives a lot of encouragement to this form of art.

In the 1800s during British colonial rule, a number of Indian moved to Caribbean islands, they took this art with them. The name, however, got modified to Tassa from Tasha when it reached Caribbean countries but the popularity has only increased. Indian diaspora has played a big part in spreading it all around the world.

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