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Sweden eases travel restrictions for Bulgaria, Romania & Netherlands

Minister for Foreign Affairs Ann Linde

Stockholm/ Sofia, Aug 31 (UITV): Sweden’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to relax its restrictions against inessential travel to Romania, Bulgaria and the Netherlands, after estimating that the COVID-19 situation in these countries has slowed down for the better.

As yet, Sweden has registered a total of 83,958 Coronavirus infections, while 5,821 have died. The country continues to hold its imposed restrictions as a precautionary measure to fight the further spread of the COVID-19 infection.

“A high degree of personal responsibility must be taken by travellers regardless of where they travel. Before travelling, every traveller should prepare thoroughly, keep well informed about the entry rules that apply and follow the advice and instructions of local authorities when abroad. In the same way, as applies for travel in Sweden, you should not travel if you have COVID-19 symptoms,” the Minister for Foreign Affairs Ann Linde pointed out.

The country’s government has also declared that the advice against unnecessary travel to non-EU countries, as well as countries outside of the EEA, Schengen Zone and the United Kingdom will remain in place until November 15.

“Today’s decision means that we’re pursuing to unwaveringly open for travel to certain parts of Europe, but are extending the advice against travel to the rest of the world. As a traveller, you have to take into account that the situation is changing all the time, both in our neighbouring countries and in the rest of Europe,” Ann Linde added, as per leading media reports.

She emphasized the importance of the recommendations that must be followed, such as hygiene and social distancing.

In July, Sweden announced that it had decided to extend the temporary ban to the European Union via Sweden, until at least August 31, amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

Earlier this month, Sweden lifted its travel advice against Austria and Liechtenstein, after analyzing that the Coronavirus pandemic situation in these countries is under control.

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