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Soak in with the nature at the Living Root Bridges – Cherrapunji

Living Root Bridges – Cherrapunji

Situated at the north eastern part of India, Cherrapunji is blessed to be the wettest part of the world, where bridges are not built but grown! It’s Mother Earth’s gift to mankind.  The Indian Rubber Tree is grown in abundance. These trees produce secondary roots from higher up its trunks and contentedly stretch to the top of huge boulders along the riverside.

These root bridges, as old as 500 years are so strong that they can easily resist fifty people at once! As these trees are alive and growing they become stronger by every passing day. Believe it or not, this place houses a double Decker bridge, one of its kind in the world, where two bridges are sacked one over the other and are called “Umshiang double Decker bridge Root Bridge.”.

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