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Singer Katy Perry cries while 'doing simple tasks' during pregnancy

Katy Perry

Los Angeles, May 11 (UITV/IANS)- Singer Katy Perry has opened up about her hormonal changes and mood swings during pregnancy.

The "Fireworks" singer said that it's been difficult acclimatizing to the quarantine lifestyle while pregnant, reports eonline.com.

For example, she said that she has "give good days" and other days that are tough, "where I cry when I look down at my toes or I cry when just doing simple tasks".

She explained: "I think a lot of that is hormonal and I'm not used to being around so many people all in a confined (or) a small space for so long. I'm used to going (out) all the time."

The singer added that she's used to her "alone time". But now with stay-at-home orders implemented amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there's nowhere else she can go.

"There is not really anywhere to go besides my car," she said. "So I go to my car a lot. That is my safe space."

Earlier, Perry, who is expecting a baby with fiance Orlando Bloom, had said that she misses drinking alcoholic beverages during pregnancy.

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