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Ramli Ibrahim steeped in Indian classical dances

Malaysian dancer Ramli Ibrahim

Malaysia, April 27 (UITV)- Malaysian dancer Ramli Ibrahim, 62, has famously been alluring audiences with his performances and choreography of various Indian traditional dances for more than three decades.

Born into a liberal Muslim family, Ramli has produced more than 40 original dance repertoires in the traditional and contemporary idioms. In Malaysia, Ramli is hailed as a pioneer dancer and choreographer of international footing in numerous dance forms namely – Bharatanatyam, Odissi as well as Contemporary Dance.

Ramli’s father was a teacher and his mother was secretary of United Malays National Organisation. He joined the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne and took rigorous battle training, before taking on Bharatanatyam in various forms. It was then that he mastered the art of Bharatanatyam from Adyar Lakshman in Chennai, and used to perform Indian classical dance under the name of Ramachandra.

His attraction towards Odissi as against the structured, too steeped in tradition Bharatanatyam prompted him to go to Puri and learn from a disciple of Guru Deba Prasad Das. Unfortunately, despite being raised into multi cultural society, Ramli Ibrahim faced a lot of criticism from various religious groups. Although Malasyan society did not object to the cultural expressions of Indian Diaspora. He was the Muslim who performed Hindu dance form while taking on the traditional dance of India.

Indian Government has honoured Ramli Ibrahim with Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to Odissi. He has also been awarded Datukship, which is similar to Padma award in India.

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