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PM Narendra Modi to address Indian Diaspora in Kenya on July 10

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Delhi, June 10 (UITV)- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit Africa in the first half of next month. Modi is scheduled to visit Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya.

As it will be the first visit to Modi to mainland Africa, an online registration portal has been launched by the Indian diaspora in Kenya to ask its members to register for an address by Modi to the diaspora in Nairobi on July 10.

Kenya is also likely to be the only country during his visit to Africa where PM Modi is scheduled to address a large gathering of Indian diaspora.

The Indian diaspora in Kenya is diverse and there are several associations representing different communities, which run places of worship and schools. There are around 80,000 people of Indian origin in Kenya, including 20,000 Indian nationals.

The ‘Karibu Kenya Modiji Planning and Coordination Committee’ has launched a portal for people to register for access to the venue in Nairobi where PM is expected to address the Indian diaspora. The committee members appealed Indian community to register themselves and motivate at least 10 of their friends and relatives as well. The last date for registration is June 18.

The ‘Karibu Kenya Modiji Planning and Coordination Committee’ says it is an organization promoting Kenya-India relations for communities, by communities. The committee “pays tribute to the deep ties between India and Kenya, highlighting the formidable contribution made by members of the India diaspora in all walks of life in Kenya.” The July 10 Modi speech has been billed as Nairobi’s Diwali event of this year.  

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