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Mauritius expects over 100,000 Indian tourists by next year

Mauritius expects over 100,000 Indian tourists by next year

Mauritius, Feb 22 (UITV)- Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA), had 72, 145 Indian tourists from January to December 2015. This is a year-on-year growth of 18%. But, now Mauritius is expecting over 100,000 Indian tourists by 2017.

Destination Marketing Executive, Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, Robin Ramhit said “Mauritius is well-positioned as a honeymoon destination among Indian travelers. However, we are now focusing on welcoming high-net-worth Indian travelers along with MICE clients to Mauritius”.

As part of its trade activities, MTPA is planning to conduct annual five-city roadshow in August or September this year. “Currently, MTPA is targeting the pan-India market, but because of the air connectivity Mumbai is the preferred gateway”, said Vivek Anand, Country Manager, India MTPA.

MTPA is also planning a triangular package of Mauritius with Singapore for travelers from India, informed Ramhit. “On return from Mauritius, Indians can visit Singapore for shopping, exactly how currently they take a stopover at Dubai. Currently, the package is being work out because price is an important factor,” said Ramhit.

Indians spend over an average of six nights in Mauritius during their visits. Rum tours and museum tours are two of the new products that MTPA is looking at showcasing to the Indian travelers.

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