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Los Diablos Danzantes, Venezuela

Los Diablos Danzantes

The Dancing Devils of Yare are a religious holiday celebrated in San Francisco de Yare , Miranda State ( Venezuela ), the day of Corpus Christi , carried out by the "Society of the Blessed". Its origin dates back to the eighteenth century , one being the oldest in the Americas brotherhood. Devils fraternity is divided into a hierarchy, represented in their masks.

Devils dance to the peal of the box, a typical drum. They dance through the village streets and then kneel in unison in front of the church, remaining prostrate sign of respect to the Blessed Sacrament while the priest blesses them. The music and dancing continued while the Devils -who pay a religious promise to become demons of red robes and colorful masks- visit the homes of some deceased Devils. The celebration ends when the end of the evening the bells of the church and brotherhood is dispersed until next year, when redraw this rite where good must prevail over evil.

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