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Kerala man goes missing from workplace in Oman, kin appeal to CM, Swaraj

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj

Kottayam, June 14 (UITV)- A man hailing from Manarcad near Kottayam is suspected to have been abducted by robbers in Oman. John Philip, 47, who has been working as a supervisor in a petrol pump in Suneina in Oman for the past 12 years, went missing on Friday night.

Drops of blood were found near the petrol pump and around 5000 Rials were found to be missing from the pump. The hard disc of the CCTV camera installed in the pump is also missing. The sales reported after 11pm on Friday night was not uploaded, indicating that the incident would have occurred before that.

His wife tried to call him on Saturday but his phone was switched off. His relatives finally discovered that he was missing from a newspaper report that appeared in a paper in Oman. His relatives and friends in Oman enquired into the incident and passed the information on to his family.

Beside John, a Kollam native Babu and an Oman native were working in the petrol bunk run by the British Petroleum Company. John Philip was alone on duty from Friday afternoon. It was only when Babu reported for work on Saturday morning and saw the office open, was the police informed.

John’s relatives are trying to contact his sponsor. They have so far not received any assistance from the owner of the petrol pump. The victim’s brother Jacob Philip said that they have sent a memorandum to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj Seeking immediate intervention.

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