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Kaltenberg Knights Fest, Germany

Kaltenberg Knights Fest, Germany

Kaltenberg Knights Tournament is held during three weekends in July. It was started back in 1979 by the Prince Lutipold of Bavaria. Each year it attracts the audience of more than 120,000 people.

The tournament is held on 7 stages. It has various amazing street shows. There is the big parade (“festumzug”) involving all participants. Visitors can enjoy in the medieval market. Traditional handicrafts and food can bought there.

There is also an event called the Gauklernacht or Jesters' night. It is the show involving medieval entertainers – musicians, acrobats, dancers etc. Concerts of medieval music are set several times during the Kaltenberg Knights Tournament.

Apart from on the large stages, numerous entertainers mingle with the crowds, offerring amusing theatre, dance and music performances. At the medieval fair, sutlers and craftsmen turn natural materials into works of art and in the workshops, visitors can watch articles being made.

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