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Ishwar Sharma becomes youngest and only Indian to win National Yoga Championship in UK

Ishwar with his father Dr Vishwanath Sharma

London, May 5 (UITV)- The six-year-old from Sevenoaks, Kent has made Indian community in UK proud in the field of Yoga by winning the gold medal in the UK National Yoga Championship held last month. And with the win, he became the youngest and the only Indian to achieve that feat.

Ishwar Sharma will now be able to showcase his yoga skills at the International Yoga Championship in Italy in July this year, even when he is under age to take part in the championship.

With the prospect that Yoga is being promoted as a sport in the Olympics, he is hoping to qualify in the Olympics and win a medal for the country. “The event was significant where they introduce the scoring system as in gymnastics in yoga with a view to introducing it as a sport in the Olympics,” said Dr. Vishwanath, father of Ishwar who himself is a silver medal winner at the UK National Yoga Championship.

Dr. Vishwanath, who is a consultant radiologist in the UK, hopes that Ishwar skill would be an encouragement not only for him, but for others too. Ishwar has been training under Dr. Vishwanath and his wife Ms. Pushpitha for the past one year, where they increased their daily half hour practice to three hours for the championship.

Dr. Vishwanath hails from Mysore, which is the hotbed of Patanjali and Ashtanga Yoga. Internation Yoga Day is celebrated annually on June 21 and was declared to be internationally recognized by the United Nations General Assembly.

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