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Indian-origin gynecologist in UK on trial for ‘sexually assaulting’ his patients

53-year-old Indian-origin gynecologist, Dr Mahesh Patwardhan

London, June 2 (UITV)- A 53-year-old Indian-origin gynecologist, Dr Mahesh Patwardhan is on trial in the UK for allegedly groping and sexually assaulting six of his female patients, including a mother of two.

The Woolwich Crown Court was told that Dr Patwardhan allegedly rubbed himself against women and grabbed them from behind while bending them over an examination couch.

In another incident, a 37-year-old mother-of-two, claims Dr Patwardhan started giving her a hug at the end of appointments, pushing his body into hers and grabbing her bottom.

Prosecutor Kate Bex said one of the alleged victims claims Patwardhan groped her between her legs during an appointment. While, he has also been accused of telling one woman to strip as he wanted see her tattoo on her bum.

The women treated by Dr Patwardhan at his National Health Service (NHS) clinic at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in south London, and his private practice at the Blackheath Hospital and the Holly in Buckhurst Hills, Essex, came forward to complaint about his methods and he was reported to the UK’s General Medical Council(GMC).

Dr Mahesh Patwardhan denies sic counts of sexual assault, and also denies two counts of fraud over claims he falsely billed private medical insurers for work he did not performed. The Trial in Woolwich Crown Court is ongoing and expected to be concluded by next week.

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