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Indian NRI rescued from jail in Oman, thanks Indian Social Forum

Indian rescued from jail in Oman

Oman, Feb 19 (UITV)- The Indian Social Forum, Oman rescued an expatriate worker from Ullal in Mangalore, who was lodged in jail due to irresponsibility of his company in Oman.

Mohammad Ishaq had been in jail for last 3 months for unknown reasons, and the company where the NRI worked didn’t respond to the fault, they committed.

When relatives came to know that Mohammed Ishaq had been in jail for unknown reasons; they tried their best to get him released. Thinking of getting help from the health minister of the locality, they had some words with the minister’s brother as health minister was not available, but all went in vein. All these were fading the hope of the victim of getting out from jail.

Meanwhile an active committee member, Nazir Kodimbadi of Indian Social Forum, a non resident Indian settled in the city and visited the jail for company’s work and the matter came to his notice. Nazir Kodimbadi, sprang the action alerting his other office bearers to handle the issue.

With the assistant of the jail officer, the forum members met Mohammad Ishaq and collected all possible information of his company and home and came to know their relentless effort from their side as aforesaid.

As his company management had not responded well to their plea, they decided to take the issue to court as a challenge and initiated to contact all related departments, like Indian Embassy, lawyers and legal consultants.

In few, weeks with continuous effort, they were succeeded in getting him released. Ishaq also got all relevant papers using which he can visit Oman again. Mohammed Ishaq expressed his gratitude to Indian Social Forum, Oman.

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