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Indian- American leads Clinton’s campaign, slams Trump’s policies

Indian-origin Neera Tanden

Washington, May 13 (UITV)- Indian-origin Neera Tanden is leading Hillary Clinton’s campaign in slamming the economic policies of Donald Trump, alleging that this poses threat to the economic future of women and families.

In an all out attack, she said, “Make no mistake: Trump’s divisive comments about women’s health are a direct threat to our dignity and economic security.”

“Trump is now trying to cover up the bald spots in his economic plans but women can see for themselves and women can see through his comb over,” said Tanden, president of the Center of American Progress Action fund, who was joined by Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland.

The two said that the trillions of tax cut for millionaires, billionaires and corporations laid out in Trump’s tax plan would be an economic boon for the top one per cent of the earners, made at the expanse of working families, seniors and the health of the economy.

Tanden and Mikulski said Trump still opposes raising the minimum wage because he believes “wages are too high” and recently said he doesn’t favor a federal floor for the minimum wage, at the time when two-third of minimum wage workers are women.

Tanden alleged Trump’s ideas are not the only risk a Trump presidency would pose for the economic future of women and families around this country.

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