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Indian-American journalist Sanghamitra Kalita wins Pulitzer Prize

Indian-American journalist Sanghamitra Kalita

Los Angeles, April 22 (UITV)- The winners of the various categories of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize, American journalism’s top honour are out and Indian-American journalist Sanghamitra Kalita was among one of the winners.

Kalita is the Managing Editor of the Los Angeles Times and was part of the team that broke the story of the San Bernardino shooting that occurred in the US last December and the terror investigation that followed.

With this win, the LA Times now are the most frequent winner in the Breaking News Coverage with three mentions. This win also marked the newspaper’s 44th Pulitzer.

Born to Mahesh Kalita and Nirmala Kalita from Assam, Kalita was born in Brooklyn but was raised in Long Islands, Puerto Rico and New Jersey.

Kalita took over as the LA Times’ Managing Editor for Editorial Strategy in March last year, barely a few months before the shooting. Before working at the Los Angeles Times, she was the Executive Editor of Quartz. Sanghamitra has also briefly lived in India and founded the business newspaper Mint, which today is the country’s second largest business newspaper.

Kalita has also served as the President of the South Asian Journalists Associating and has won numerous journalism awards. She has also worked as a reporter for Washington Post, covered the 9/11 terror attacks for Newsday and worked at Associated Press.

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