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India-Lithuania interweaved with striking similarities

India and Lithuania: Paving way for firmer ties

New Delhi, Feb 17 (UITV)- Often mistaken for Ludhiana in Punjab, the place is uncommon to the Indian ear. Lithuania is lesser known in India because constrained in World War II and Cold War, ties could not be built with Lithuania. This was because India didn’t hold the adequate freedom to take actions of its own.

Also, previous 24-years of our diplomatic ties included high-level visits and large-scale initiatives; this made relations good but limited.

But now the era is changing, the Make in India week in Mumbai witnessed the arrival of Lithuania ambassador Laimonas Talat-Kelpsa. On behalf of the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was presented with a unique gift: a specially published small Sanskrit-Lithuanian dictionary.

The striking resemblance of words and grammatical structures in Sanskrit and Lithuanian, smoothly overlapping into modern Hindi.

This shows how both countries use common words in their every dialect which helps in generating a positive energy. This further strengthens Indo-Lithuanian ties, with people in authority able to reconnect and make significant international trading decisions.

Making Indian presence in Lithuania more prominent, a ten-fold rise in the past three years in the number of Indian student seeking education opportunities to Lithuania has been witnessed.

Just like India Lithuania is a country built from scratch. Accomplishing 37th position in the UN Human Development Index, the nations boasts of excellent social and educational conditions. All this achieved in mere 26 years. Therefore, India understands the hard-earned transformation best.

Also Prime Minister Narendra Modi may choose to become the first Indian leader to visit Lithuania and the Baltic States, signifying deeper ties.

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