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India has largest Diaspora in the world: United Nations

India has largest Diaspora in the world

Delhi, March 3 (UITV)- According to the recent survey result released by the UN, India has the largest diaspora in the world. It is estimated that there are over 25 million people of Indian origin spread across the globe.

In this article, we will focus specifically the countries, where people of Indian origin constitute over 40% of the total population.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most liberal countries in the Gulf. Over a million migrants are living in the UAE who form over 50% of the total population of the country. Indian people in UAE interact with each other in Hindi, Tamil, Urdu and Malayalam.  

Guyana is the 4th smallest country in the mainland of South America. Around 44% of Guyanese population comprises of people from Indian origin. To mark the arrival of Indians in Guyana, Indian Arrival Day is celebrated on May 5.

Surrounded by the waters of Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a small island of Africa having 1.3 million of people out of which 69% of total population is of Indian community. Indo-Mauritian people have a great impact on politics and economy. Apart from the popularity of Indian films, the beautiful island has its own group of Bhojpuri and Tamil Sega.

Located off the coast of Venezuela as the southernmost Antillean Island, Trinidad and Tobago has combined population of three million people in which 40% are Indians. Indo-Trinidadians have maintained their unique culture here. India cooking, music and movies has become a part of the mainstream life style of Trinidad and Tobago.

An archipelago of more than 330 islands, Fiji is an island country in the western Pacific Ocean constituting 40% of the population as Indians. Most of the Indo-Fijians are brought to Fiji during the 19th century by the British.


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