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India-American teacher Revathi Balakrishnan honored by Obama at White House

Revathi Balakrishnan, an India-American elementary teacher from Texas

Houston, May 12 (UITV)- Revathi Balakrishnan, an India-American elementary teacher from Texas, was recently honoured by US President Barack Obama at the White House in the first week of May 2016 for her excellent work in the field of education.

A gifted teacher at Patsy Sommer Elementary School in Austin, she was also named 2016 ‘Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year’ by the council of Chief State School Officers and will now represent Taxes in the ‘National Teacher of the Year’ competition.

“I’m an Indian-American, so I think the Indian community is feeling a lot of pride and joy,” Ms Balakrishnan told the media, adding that around 30 per cent of the students at Sommer Elementary are Asian or Indian-Origin.

“I feel proud to represent those and I can convince a lot of younger generation Indian kids to turn to teaching for a career. So I feel I can actually have some impact on that,” she said.

Ms Balakrishnan is originally from Chennai, Tamil Nadu who attributes her success in the field of education to her love of teaching. She taught math classes in third through fifth grade at Sommer at Sommer Elementary for six years before teaching at Forest North Elementary for three years.

She said the excitement of teaching, learning with students and the opportunity to shape students who are the “leader of tomorrow” drives her.

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