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Harry Sidhu, Ash Kalra earn spots in General Election for California Assembly

Ash kalra (center) finished second in the primary election for California's 27th Assembly District

California, June 9 (UITV)- Indian Americans were vying for six separate states Assembly seats in California’s June 7 primary, but only two were successful in advancing to the general election.

In the 68th Assembly District, covering the Tustin and Lake Forest areas in the Southland, Republican Harry Sidhu made into the top with 21 percent votes, 715 votes ahead of Republican Steven Choi, who had 20 percent votes.

“I am honored that 68th State Assembly District voters have placed their trust in me to be their voice in Sacramento as a champion for small business owners and taxpayer protection.” said Sidhu.

Longtime Orange Country business owner Harry Sidhu served for eight years on the Anaheim City Council – from 2004 through 2012. He is honored to have been the first person of Indian heritage to have achieved this position.

As a businessman and public official, Harry care deeply about his community and people living in it. In addition, if elected to the Assembly seat, Sidhu vows to be a champion for small and medium business, reform state spending and making public safety a priority.

Meanwhile, in the San Jose area, San Jose City Councilman Ash Kalra, a Democrat earned a spot in the state’s 27th Assembly District, finishing a distant second in the voting to fellow Democrat Madison Nguyen, a former vice mayor of San Jose.

Looking ahead to the general election, Kalra said he will continue to focus on the major issues he has been tackling dating back to his time in the city council. “I feel confident about the November election and I’m excited about the challenge ahead.” he added.

Kalra made history by becoming the first Indian-American to be elected to the San Jose City Council, where he currently represents District 2. In this time, he has developed a passion for serving his neighbors and making sure that government is solving problems – not creating them.

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