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Greenland: Best destination for adventurous travelers


Greenland has long been top of the wish list for adventurous travelers and there are few places on earth as compelling – a vast, glacial wilderness, where icebergs loom and polar bears roam.

Until recent years, the world’s largest island remained firmly off-the-beaten-track, but as arctic destinations like Iceland and Lapland surge in popularity, many intrepid travelers are now heading even further north.  Greenland’s highlights are plentiful, from hiking and whale watching in summer, to dog sledding, glacier climbing and Northern Lights excursions in the winter.

Not only that, but with increasing worries about climate change and the melting of Greenland’s ice sheet, there’s no time like the present to explore the UNESCO-listed icefjords. If you need another excuse to visit Greenland this year, the country will also be hosting the 2016 Arctic Winter Games in March, with events including skiing, snowboarding and ice hockey.

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