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Envision Festival, Costa Rica

Envision Festival

The idea behind Envision is to create a space where cultures can be shared—specifically those of North, South and Central America, in a communal, sustainable environment that seeks to elevate all of those who inhabit it. Envision began in 2011 on a small plot in the bohemian beach village of Dominical in Costa Rica. The following year it moved to land bordering Ballena National Park, and finally, in 2014, it settled at Rancho La Merced, the National Wildlife Refuge.

The festival takes place in a beachside jungle, a space where people want to unplug and feel good; the festival’s slogan is viva la experiencia (live the experience). Yes, there are four music stages, but Envision isn’t just about music—there’s equal space devoted to activities such as yoga and sacred movement (drumming, kirtan, etc.), healing modalities, permacultures, art, and plant healing. It’s held in a fairly remote spot, so the food is all organic and local.

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