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Countries with resources should open their doors to refugees: Shanu Hinduja

Vice Chairperson of the Hinduja Bank Shanu S P Hinduja

New York, May 11 (UITV)- As the world faces the biggest refugee crises in recent history, Vice Chairperson of the Hinduja Bank Shanu S P Hinduja has emphasized that countries with resources should welcome those feeling war and poverty.

Against the backdrop of the refugee crisis, she stressed that patriotism has acquired a new significance and nations and their citizens need to now have an open approach. “Patriotism does not mean you hate the other person. Patriotism teaches loves and does not teach you to hate. The concept of patriotism was created to give people a sense of belonging. If we look at history, at some point we all have been refugees from somewhere,” she said.

Hinduja also emphasized that countries should not have any reason to close doors as immigrants and refugees will eventually add to the cultural fabric.

She advocated the need for the private sector to join hands with the government and organizations like the United Nations to create the ecosystem where work skill and small businesses are created. Hinduja said the problem of crime and terrorism already exists in a majority of nations across the globe and the only way to stop it is to create more jobs.

Hinduja further added that refugees also have a responsibility towards the country they choose to make their home. “This is a two way street, it is not just the responsibility of the host country but also of the refugees who should contribute to the development and prosperity of the country,” Hinduja added.

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