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Canada Post to issue Diwali stamp next year

Diwali stamp

Toronto, June 2 (UITV)- After years of lobbying by community leaders, Canada post has finally agreed that it will issue Diwali stamps next year.

Prakash Mody, one community leader who pursued this issue with Canada Post for years, including writing to Deepak Chopra, an Indo-Canadian President and CEO of Canada Post.

“My efforts were not for Diwali only, but for multi-faiths and emphasis was on diversity,” said Mody, who represented the Jain community on Ontario’s Multi-faith Council.

“I have done my best by right methods and all my efforts and left it at that stage. I am really happy with this announcement by Canada Post that they will issue the Diwali stamps next year, as also on Eid and Hanukkah.” he said.

“Thank you for suggesting a topic for a future stamp issue. We appreciate your interest and engagement in Canada’s stamp program,” wrote Jo-Anne Polak, Vice-President, Communications and Public Affairs of Canada Post.

Prakash says he’s also pursuing with Canada Post if they could issue stamps jointly with Indian Post.

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