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Beyonce's mother Tina Lawson mocked for reported facelift

Singer Beyonce Knowles' mother Tina Knowles

Los Angeles, March 20 (UITV/IANS)- Singer Beyonce Knowles' mother Tina Knowles has been accused of getting facelift as her face looks so stiff in a video.

The 66-year-old businesswoman posted the video on Wednesday and she explained her intention in the caption: "Corny Joke time. I know it's corny but even if you get a little chuckle it is worth it at this time we must keep our sense of humor and stick together love you all be safe," reports aceshowbiz.com.

Opening the short clip, Tina informed her followers that she had not been seen on Instagram that much lately because she was recovering from a "serious knee surgery", before delivering the joke.

"Why did a man keep getting hit by a bicycle everyday? Because he was caught in a vicious cycle, she said with a chuckle, before adding: "Vicious cycle...bicycle. You get it."

But instead of responding to her joke, people on Instagram reacted to Tina's knee surgery confession, accusing her of lying about it and suggesting that she's recovering from a plastic surgery instead.

"She was recovering from that facelift don't liee," one person viciously remarked.

"Mama Tina shouldn't have mentioned the 'knee surgery' cause her face look completely different....," another reacted to Tina's claim.

A third person said: "I thought she was gonna say she was recovering from a serious face tightening procedure."


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