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Being a minority community Roma children becoming victims of discrimination in Slovakia

Romani Children

Slovakia, May 11 (UITV)- The community of Roma has been cited by various scholars and historian as a group of people who are most definitely part of Indian diaspora. They appear to have left the country back in the 11th century as a result of the raids by Mahmud of Ghazna and through various historical occurrences landed in Europe and various other parts of the world.

The Roma community makes up about 8% of Slovakia’s population. Being a minority community, they face lot of discrimination. Racial tension continues to make their life difficult. Roma people are typically a discriminated tribe, struggling with poverty and lack of education. The local governments have not made many efforts to settle them and integrate them in the society.

Not just adults but even the children are targeted. Walls have been built to separate the Roma kids to mingle with the white kids. Even in Schools, there is sense of separateness. There are separate classroom and buildings for the Roma and white children.

In 2004, a strong anti-discrimination law was passed in Slovakia but however there is reluctance to obey this law. A number of schools had pressure from the parents who don’t want their children to be together with Roma children. However, there are some schools that provide a positive model and have some classrooms for children.

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