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Anderson looking forward to Kohli challenge next year

James Anderson

London,  Aug 30 (UITV/IANS)- Legendary England pacer James Anderson is looking forward to a tough contest against Virat Kohli when his side travels to India next year.

Anderson recently became the highest Test wicket taker among pacers with 600 scalps during the home series against Pakistan, and Kohli have had some intriguing battles over the years.

"It's always tough bowling at batsmen of that quality. It will be a tough battle but that's something I do enjoy. You want to get the best players out," Anderson told the Test Match Special podcast.

"I had some success against him in 2014 and then he came back a completely different player in 2018 and was incredible," the 38-year-old Anderson, who is currently in the fourth place among all-time highest Test wicket-takers, said.

Asked what changes he saw in Kohli's batting in 2018, Anderson said, "He left the ball really well in 2018. The first time he came over (in 2014), when I was bowling out-swingers he might chase it early on and that brought the edge and the slips into play.

"He left it a lot better and he was a lot more patient (in 2018). He waited for you to bowl at him and then he's very strong off his legs so he could score freely," said Anderson.

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