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‘The two sides have to take something but give something as well’

India’s new Consul-General Dinesh Bhatia with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynee

Toronto, June 8 (UITV)- India’s new Consul-General Dinesh Bhatia, who arrived in Toronto on his new assignment only two months back, called on Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Lt-Gov Elizabeth Dowdeswell last week.

“During my 30 minute meeting with the premier, we largely talk about her recent official visit to India and what was achieved during that visit,” Bhatia said. A total of 65 agreements were signed between Canadian and Indian companies.

Bhatia also talked about his keynote speech at the Canada-India Business Council’s Partnership Summit held at Toronto on June 3 where he spoke about the need to increase bilateral trade from the current Cdn $8 billion.

Canada is earning about $2.4 billion from India in the field of education with close to 10,000 Indian students coming to Canada each year for higher studies, says Dinesh Bhatia. During former Prime Minister Stephen Harper visit to New Delhi in November 2009, both countries committed that the bilateral trade would reach $15 billion by 2015.

Sadly that number, despite all the efforts the interests in the two countries, has touched barely half the target. “India is doing its part,” said Bhatia, implying that Canada need to do much more. “But the two sides have to take something but give something as well. We can’t just be taking and not giving.”

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